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Wingspan: Glider-55.5” (1410mm), Sport 31.5” (800mm)
Wing Area: Glider-400sq.in. (25.8 dm.sq.), Sport – 219sq. in., 14.1 sq. dm.
Weight: Glider 28-29.5 oz.(795-835g), Sport-22.5-24.0 oz., (640-680g)
Length: 34.5″ (875mm)
Wing Loading: Glider 10.1 – 10.6 oz/sq. ft.(31-32 g.sq.dm., Sport14.8-15.8 oz/sq. ft. (45-48 g/sq. dm.
Servos: Electrifly ES50 Nano 9g or Futaba S3107
Transmitter: Futaba 9 Cap Super with TM-7 2.4 GHz module
Receiver: Futaba R617FS 2.4 GHz 7-channel
Battery: Great Planes Power Series 1800 mAh 11.1V 25C
Motor: Great Planes Ammo 24-33-4040KV, Brushless
EDF: Great Planes Hyperflow 370
ESC: Great Planes Silver Series 25A brushless

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Electrifly’s Syncro EDF sport/glider is one heck of a good value at $100. You get a 55.5” glider configuration that easily converts to a 31.5” highly aerobatic sport plane in one four-channel package with detachable landing gear. The unusual part of the Syncro is that is it powered by the well designed brushless electric ducted fan (EDF) pod atop the wing. It is a screamer, make no doubt about it, but if you have never flown an EDF this might be the perfect pair of planes for you. All parts are available as replacement components.



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